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Pakistan Academy of Aesthetic Dermatology and Surgery is the first Pakistan base Academy registered with Security exchange commission of Pakistan. The idea was conceived by group of senior dermatologists with a mission to support and uplift the Aesthetic practices in the country. The mission can be divided into 4 objectives. (1) Training of young and seasoned dermatologists, (2) incorporation of latest trends in the current practices, (3) certification of Aesthetic training by initiating different levels of aesthetic courses, (4) to Sandardize the aesthetic practices in Pakistan.

The 1st Conference of Pakistan Academy of Aesthetic Dermatology and Surgery at Karachi from 4th to 6th May is the humble beginning of the academy's mission. We are planning to discuss all the current aesthetic procedures from basics to advance level in the conference and provide aesthetic training to young doctors in a very affordable price. We can assure you that the 3 days of this conference will bring a very positive change in your thinking and attitudes towards aesthetic practice and bring a lot of confidence in you to try various procedures. With your support, we are hopeful that we will continue providing a platform for short and long courses in aesthetics in the country.
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Pakistan Association of Dermatalogists
Aesthetic Conference
Hands on training, 3 days Secientific Seminars
Pakistan Academy of Aesthetic Dermatalogists Surgeons